Ginger - A Powerful Spice

Science is definitely aware of the health benefits of spices. As it turns out, spices of all sorts are yielding interesting results in study after study. It seems as though spices are able to address a wide range of medical conditions and appear to even prevent disease. There are many spices that can help people achieve better health. One great example is ginger.
Ginger is a spice that is uniquely versatile and has made its way into cuisine from different cultures around the world. Ginger, for example, is widely used in both Chinese cooking and Indian cooking and for good reason. This vibrant spice has a powerful taste that works well when used in conjunction with a sweetener and can easily liven a great many different types of dishes. Due to the fact that ginger works well in sweet dishes, it is often found in such favorites as cookies, cakes and gingerbread.
Ginger is often associated with the holiday season, and it sadly can be overlooked during the rest of the year. This is, however, a spice with a lot to contribute to both your diet and your taste buds year-round. Some of the most popular uses for ginger include as an accompaniment to sushi, blended into a salad dressing, as a spice for cooked carrots, or in an Asian-inspired marinade for chicken or beef. These are just a few of the many exciting dishes that can be made with ginger.
Ginger also works very well in tea form and, in part explains why one sees ginger tea used around the world. Ginger tea is easy to make. Just peel and slice a fresh ginger root and add it to boiling water. Cover the water and ginger mixture and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Simply strain the tea and add whatever sweetener you might prefer.
Another reason that ginger is used with such frequency is that it has been shown to help with stomach related medical issues such as diarrhea and nausea. Ginger is one of those spices that can make your mouth water and even ease an upset stomach. Ginger has been shown to be safe in the treatment of both issues. In fact, ginger is widely and safely used for the treatment of nausea in pregnant women.
Ginger is one of the more versatile spices as it can be used both in its raw form and fresh form, is available year round, and can be found in most grocery stores. Increasingly, fresh ginger root is available in health food stories, ethnic food stores and more and more often at your local grocery chain. This of course means that ginger is a spice that is not just easy to use to easy to purchase as well.
For those looking for a spice that works well in a variety of dishes, ginger is a good selection. Dried ginger is normally safe and, while few people have allergic reactions, those reactions are usually mild. While many may focus on ginger's delicious taste, it should be noted that ginger has been shown to kill harmful bacteria, which only further enhances its usefulness. With so much going for it, ginger is a welcomed addition to almost any spice rack.

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