Benefits Of Black Pepper On Weight Loss

How fascinating is this latest news on the benefits of black pepper? The very same thing in black pepper which has you sneezing may also be responsible for keeping the pounds off, because of its ability to fight fat cells according to a new study.
The substance, known as piperine, is a major part of black peppers and appears able to block the growth of fat cells. Should future work confirm these findings, black pepper might be an effective, and natural, alternative to help you lose weight. Or a natural, side effect free treatment for obesity.
The work draws attention to earlier research suggesting piperine supplies some health benefits, not the least of which is the part it plays in reducing the levels of fats in the blood stream.
Black pepper has been highly regarded for centuries both for its flavor and medicinal qualities, the benefits well known to Eastern medicine. It is given to treat diarrhea and gastrointestinal distress as well as many other disorders. No one really knows how it works and this is the answer the team set out to do. They examined the effects of natural piperine on genes using computer models and experiments in the lab.
They saw that piperine effected the gene activity that's responsible for the growth of new fat cells. It's also likely that black pepper also sets up a sort of metabolic chain reaction that keeps fat formation to the minimum in other ways too. Could it be time to ditch the salt, and think about adding more pepper to your foods and recipes? Maybe.
In the last few years science has learned that fat cells aren't inert storage compartments but chemical factories that are pretty potent. These cells excrete hormones and other things with abandon, bringing some harmful effects to your metabolism, overall health and weight.
What's worse, where this fat is located on your body makes a difference - fat around the abdomen is considered more dangerous than fat more evenly distributed.
Curious that fat seems to have an infinite capacity to make more of itself. Lean adults naturally have about 40 billion fat cells, while an obese adult will have from 80 to 120 million. If you're obese, the fat cells in your body are also much larger than those in a lean person. All fat cells are long lived and can be replaced by the body at any time. Keep eating too much, exercising too little and the cells keep growing. When they finally reach their limit, they send out signals to immature fat cells in the area to start dividing to create more cells.
You can fight fat with diet and exercise. The good news is that losing just 7% of your total body weight is enough to make a difference. Fat cells respond fairly quickly to sustained efforts at burning more calories than you take in, though this approach is far from easy, and many people can't stick with it long enough to see results. Still, by taking advantage of the benefits of black pepper and adding it to your diet you may be able to fight fat more effectively.
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